Wake on magic packet

I'm trying to make it so my computer can be turned on from a remote location. But when I go to Device Manager I seem to lack that option or at least most of them. If I go to the power management tab I can enable "Allow this device to wake the computer" But when I put it in sleep or Hibernation mode the program I use "WOL Magic Packet Sender" can't turn on the computer. For the record I'm Using Windows 10 and an ASUS Sabertooth Z77. I don't see a PoE/WoL option in the BIOS but I do see an option. Hey I'm an IT consultant and my company manages 2500 computers (mostly Dell) we use connectwise to remote into our workstations. Which is why I want to configure wake on lan, however there are a few settings that I'm not sure how to script so that I can successfully deploy them out to all workstations. For Deployment we use PDQ Deploy. amp#x200B; I'm able to use dell command configure to deploy out bios settings to turn on the necessary settings. amp#x200B; The settings So this is a first for me in hackintoshing - I have a Dell DW1560 (BCM94352z) m.2 wifi card that I'm using in a ThinkPad t440 on BIOS 2.36. Works flawlessly on macOS with the necessary kexts - lilu.kext, broadcomrampatch2.kext, broadcomfirmwarerepo.kext, broadcomfixup.kext. I tried setting up my laptop as a triple boot between macOS 10.13 , Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (yes, an actual copy of RHEL, not CentOS or Fedora) and Windows 10 build 1809. amp#x200B; On Linux, of course Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad 530s 14IKB amp#x200B; I bought a brand new laptop, it has been great, bar the internet connection. At first, it was randomly losing internet connection every once in a while, it could be every 10 minutes or 2 hours. All I needed to do was to disconnect from the network and connect back on, straight away and it continued working. I called Lenovo support, they connected to my laptop remotely, changed some settings in the device manager and installed drivers from scratch. Hi there. I just bought myself an Asus Prime Z370 A-II and I would very much like to enable WOL. I’ve been to BIOS and ticked the box and I usually don’t have to do more than that to make it work (like I did this on my NAS and it worked out of the box). But for weird reasons this didn’t do a thing. I’ve ticked a few other boxes in Windows too but still no progress. The boxes are “Only allow a magic packet to wake this computer” “Enable PME” “Wake on magic packet” “Wake on pattern match” “Ultra. I am trying to enable WoL on my Asrock b450 pro4 motherboard. It is not working. I have tried: Bios enable PCIe power setting Windows enable allow wake on magic packet, allow to wake pc Windows disable fast boot, NIC green ethernet etc. I have tried everything, but no matter what the ethernet network indicator LED turns off as soon as the PC is shut down or put into sleep mode. Can someone please help me. I am on the latest Realtek network adapter driver available. amp#x200B;. Hey guys, im currently trying to enable WOL on a handful of pc's and none of them seem to work. I can find the option in BIOS but under "Advanced" in the NiC Properties i dont have the "Wake on Magic Packet" option. im suspecting the NiC's dont support Wake on Lan, but i was wondering if there could be something else restricting this option. I have a windows 10 PC (an old Lenovo K230 with an Intel Q8200). When I put the computer to sleep, it appears to go to sleep, and then wakes back up immediately. When I shut it down through the gui, it restarts. The only way to get it to turn off, is to shut it down by holding down the power button. This is especially annoying at night, because if I forget to shut it down by holding down the power button, I will hear my computer beep every 30 minutes, as it goes to sleep and immediately. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, forgive me if it isn’t. I’m at the end of the rope, I’ve googled for hours and I can’t figure out why my machine won’t wake on LAN. Running windows 10, all updates applied. Onboard LAN drivers fully updated. At the bios level, I have fast boot disabled, wake on pci express enabled. At the windows level I have fast boot disabled. In the network device settings I have allow this device to wake the machine and wake on magic packet only checked. Hello! First time around this ~~region~~ sub, hope my question is acceptable. A quick search revealed little. I've had this computer for about six months and everything was working just fine. Only starting yesterday, when I put it on sleep mode, it wakes up an arbitrary period of time after. It can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. There were no hardware changes and the only configuration changes it had at all was that I added a registry key to disable the lock screen (https://www.lapto. I've had this issue return at least 5 times in some form or another but this one may be the worst as nothing I do fixes it. After updating to the October 2018 feature update that came to my windows update a few days ago, I can't seem to wake my display after my computer turns on from sleep mode. I did something where power she'll created a log of my energy output and most of it says usb selective supessend enabled but does not affect sleep. All help is appreciated. Thank Hi. amp#x200B; I have the mobo Gigebyte Z370 Gaming 7 (so Killer E2500 and Intel i219V). When I'm connected on the killer network interface, my pc always wake up during sleep mode event though I deactivate the three options that can wake the pc (on Device Manager gt network gt Killer E2500 properties) \- Wake on Magic Packet \- Wake on pattern match \- shutdown wake up amp#x200B; I don't know what these options are for initially but even these three disabled the Pc keep waking. TLDR: Obscure wake settings in Realtek LAN hardware not managed properly by BIOS or OS causes sleep/wake cycle. I have recently purchased an HP Pavilion after having built all my PCs since 1995. The new box replaced an old Win 7 machine. I was reluctant to deal with bloatware, but didn't want to have to delve into the esoterica necessary to do a good build. After several updates and chronic error fixes my impression was this new box was slow. Not sure why, but before I could figure Posted this also here (https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/7rpm3g/windows_wakes_up_middle_of_night_and_i_dont_know/) I noticed this some days ago, when I woke up middle of night to hear my computers fans making louder noice, witch it does when shutting down. Before I go to sleep, Im pretty sure I clicked "shut down", not sleep, or leave my computer on. Next morning I disabled " fast start-up ". Day or two later, I didnt shut down my computer at evening, so it goes a sleep itself. Hi Techsupport! I'm IT-support at a company, and we are trying to make use of WOL. We've implemented it nicely with our HP ProDesk models, but for some reason the Compaq Elite 8300 won't work. I am using Teamviewer to make the connection, and everything should be in order within here (at least the options are set similar with the ProDesk (which works) and the Compaq (which doesn't work) So far I have; I have updated BIOS (K01 v. 03.07) Set 'Remote wake up boot source' to 'remote server'. When attempting to load a web page, I'll get an immediate response, but the web page will load in "chunks" (say 1/3 at a time) then often stall and never finish loading part way. Reloading RNGs whether it does or doesn't load with the same behavior. In comparison in the same room the cell phones have no problem when only connected to wifi. Other laptops are also reliable. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the settings on the card that could be causing this? I noticed this some days ago, when I woke up middle of night to hear my computers fans making louder noice, witch it does when shutting down. Before I go to sleep, Im pretty sure I clicked "shut down", not sleep, or leave my computer on. Next morning I disabled 'fast start-up'. Day or two later, I didnt shut down my computer at evening, so it goes a sleep itself after 20minutes. Again, middle of night/very early at morning, I was awake on my bed, and suddenly my PC turned on. Screen Ok, I have been trying to set up wake on LAN over the internet, and for the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried using this tool (https://www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/wake-on-lan-gui)to WOL and it only works over local subnet, not internet. Here's what I've done so far to set it up: X Checked that my motherboard (asrock h97m pro4) supports the feature: - Supports Intel® Remote Wake Technology - Supports Wake-On-LAN X In the UEFI: - wake on LAN gt enabl. Computer is instantly waking after being put into sleep or hibernate mode. This had never happened before as I habitually elave my computer in sleep mode. There have been no hardware changes and the only software change has been a steam game or two. powercfg -lastwake shows Wake History Count - 1 Wake History 0 Wake Source Count - 0 The event viewer log shows the wake event but "Wake Source: Unknown" Every single item under device manager has had bake permissions removed. powercfg -devi. I want this setting turned off, how do I do it? Edit so it’s when I turn my laptop on when my desktop is off. They are both on the same network. So I’m assuming it’s something with that. I am also a lot of you are as stumped as I am on it lol Edit 2 Okay I will try these options. Thank you! Edit So I went into device manager on my desktop. Then to Killer Ethernet then properties then advance and disabled the "wake on magic packet" and "wake on pattern match" and that seems But I can watch clips, this is setting https://imgur.com/a/pHjP1 any idea? Also, I tried this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDyVZ3TRz8g bunch of settings for the Realtek family adapter. It fixed my packet loss issue on my games. Settings that I change. ARP Offload- disable Auto Disable Gigabit- disable Energy Efficient Ethernet- disable Flow Control- disabled (can be buggy if enabled) Green Ethernet- disabled Header Data Split- enabled Interrupt Moderation- disable (lower ping) IPv4 Checksum. Go to Network Sharing Center gt Adapter Settings gt Right click "Ether" and then Properties. If you do not have a printer, disable everything but IPV4 and, if appliable, IPV6. Then, click Configure and subsequentially, Advanced. From here on, make sure you keep the list of settings you have changed so incase your internet bugs out (mine didn't), you can turn the settings back to default. ARP Offload- disable Auto Disable Gigabit- disable Energy Efficient Ethernet- disable. Yes, I've disabled all network card settings like wake on LAN, wake on magic packet, etc. I don't have any torrent client running or anything. It does it seemingly randomly. It can be asleep for an hour and I'll hear it spin up again. Does anyone know why this would.